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There's No Business Like Art Business!

The origin of a work of art, or the history of who it belonged to, is an important factor in determining its value. For example, if an image was once owned by a prominent collector or from a respectable gallery, it will automatically be worth more. My employees will be happy to deal with your requests to resell pre-loved original works by Eryk Giermak. Many of the current collectors ask about the possibility of buying works created at an earlier period.

Buy Eryk Giermak`s Art directly from the studio

Art collectors are always welcome in my studio! Buy a work of art directly from the artist! By the way, it will be an opportunity to meet and get to know each other better. A short business visit or maybe you will stay for dinner? See guest rooms in my studio prepared especially for art lovers. Please be my private guest. Let's talk about art and ...
Don't hesitate to inquire about art works not available on the Internet.

Whenever you want to order a painting or graphic in a specific style, technique, color or size, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sell Eryk Giermak`s Art Online

Buy Eryk Giermak`s Art Online

There’s more to art than adding a touch of decor to your living space; in fact, in recent years investing in art has become one of the most significant investment trends of our time. Seeing art as the final sector of intellectual adventure, as a collector you need a spirit to follow this path.

Anything that leads to art - even if it is initially greed, a desire for profit - is good, as long as it turns into a real passion. Become an art collector! If contemporary art corresponds to the social context, speculation in the field of art should not be viewed as pejorative. Have you thought about profit? Very rightly so! But art collecting isn't all about money. The world of art delights with its richness, enriching its participants not only materially.

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