08 February 2020


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"It’s clear that NFTs have opened up art to people who potentially have never even been to a gallery ..."

This is a big simplification, but on the other hand, we can promote art among those who have not been interested in it so far for various reasons (e.g. financial constraints). People from the art world are committed to promoting high intellectual values in every possible way. When the media hype subsides, the works of art created in connection with this new phenomenon will remain for posterity. So we artists start our classes. NFT does not exclude high-quality artistic work, creativity and knowledge of the workshop are still important.
We stand on the threshold of digitization based on 6G technology (5G is already outdated), print on-demand extends the offer, and the financial world has finally reacted. Here comes the NFT.
First there was theater and opera, then came the great era of cinema, after which Netflix appeared. Progress is inevitable.


Are NFTs The Future Of Art Collecting? 



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