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Villa Veneta - Guest Rooms

In the Studio

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The virtual art business is absolutely essential as the offer can reach anyone in the world. However, artists and galleries need to do more than just show art online - we have to talk to critics, have discussions with collectors. As human beings, we deserve to get to each other face to face. If you run an art gallery, are a journalist, art collector, curator, or art critic - I’m hosting a party and I was wondering if you would like to join me? Purchase of my works directly from my studio - very welcome.

Veneta House - only 60 km from Berlin, you can stay overnight, relax garden etc.

Design and equipment prepared especially for art lovers.

I’m familiar with Richard Shusterman’s theory of pragmatic aesthetics. Quoting it’s creator: “(…) the main function of aesthetics is the improvement of our perception of beauty and art (…). Because, art is more than a source of internal pleasure (although it is an important quality); it is also a practical way of conferring grace and beauty upon human relations in everyday life.”


We invite only people related to the art market as private guests.

Sorry, we do not provide tourists services.

This is not a commercial offer.

There are many works of art at the exhibition not shown online.

Prices from 150 € to 20,000 €

permanent exhibition of paintings, graphics and sculptures by Eryk Giermak

Villa Veneta Spreewald - Art Studio