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Installation "Fashion scene", Micropoint Gallery, Vienna, currated by Marc Seller

Costumes and scenery. Arts Theatre "Judith", Sopot, Poland, direction by Andre Ochodlo

Paintings "Rooster dream" Gallery Callejon, Barcelona, Spain

Graphics "Discard the schematic" Gallery Biori, Roma, Italy





Fashion show and Objects Installation "GIUD", Grand Hotel, Sopot, Poland, carried out by Polish TV

Fashion show "New Look", GIUD Gallery, Gdansk, Poland

Fashion show "New Secession", GIUD Gallery, Gdansk, Poland

Graphics "Nothing behind that door" Gallery Carter, London UK

Graphics&Paintings "Memory & oblivion Gallery Carter, London UK

Design Installation "Caffe Bazaar", Sopot, Poland

Graphics & Paintings "Notes from London" Gallery RD, Lucca, Italy

Graphics & Paintings "Journey into colour" Gallery Borgmann, Berlin, Germany

Graphics&Sculpture "Ecstasy" Gallery Rosenbaum, Berlin Germany

Paintings "Deep memories" Gallery Le nid, Paris, France

Paintings "Don`t belive your eyes" Gallery Venster, Amsterdam, Nederland

Paintings "Heart wide open" Gallery Pared pintada, Barcelona, Spain

Design&Architecture "Abraham", Gdynia, Poland

Graphics "Donkey power" Gallery Nino, Amsterdam, Nederland

Classic Graphics "Timeless", Gallery GEMINI, Gdynia, Poland

Digital Graphics "Constructions", Gallery JARO, Gdynia, Poland

Groups of sculptures "Way of the cross", Sanctuary, Lubawa, Poland

Fractal Graphics "Transgression", Gallery "IMAGO" Spreewald, Germany,

Fractal Graphics "Transposition" Gallery Magi, London UK

The permanent exhibition of sculptures, graphics and paintings. Villa Veneta - Spreewald, Germany




Collezione privata R.D., Lucca - Paintings & Drawings, Italy
Hotel Figueroa Los Angeles - Graphics, United States
Private Collection Maksymilian M. - Berlin, Paintings & Sculptures, Germany
Hilton Austin property - Graphics, United States
Privat Collection E.K. Manchester - Charcoal Drawings & Sculptures , United Kingdom
Private Collection Izabella Z. - Paintings & Drawings, Switzerland

Contemporary Charcoals: The Work of Eryk Giermak

Written By: Alexis Culotta PhD, Art History, University of Washington


Want to see the interior details go to: Contemporary Charcoals

Via Dolorosa Sanctuary in Lipy near Lubawa in Poland

The order from the Custodian of the Sanctuary, Mieczyslaw Rozmarynowicz, was succinct: the Way of the Cross at a high artistic level. For the artist the Via Dolorosa is a great challenge. Especially for me, a man not blessed with the grace of faith. These types of works of art - well made, affect the audience for centuries. I started looking for inspiration.

I've watched Mel Gibson's "Passion" dozens of times. It was an experience!

As if I were a witness to these events. I realized that all the tension - the narrative, should be expressed in the face of Christ. Sketches of the faces were burned on porcelain. The concrete crosses were made in such a way that light could penetrate through the gaps.

A few years after the completion of this project, I had the opportunity to see (and photograph) a procession of several thousand pilgrims celebrating the Way of the Cross. It was an amazing impression!

Realized in 2007.

Via Dolorosa by Eryk Giermak

Collection of ninety-seven graphics
by Eryk Giermak
from the "Duende" series
displayed in
located in the Luxurious District of Al Murooj
within King Abdullah
Economic City in Saudi Arabia
In cooperation with London's Artefact Hotel Art Consultants Ltd.
Realized 2017 

Giermak`s Artworks collection curated by Rebecca Wilson Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art

Maxwell - maximum well? Presumably, this is what Rebecca Wilson had in mind when choosing this collection for a client arranging an apartment building in Manhattan NY.

Ultimately, ninety-eight graphics by Eryk Giermak created a unique atmosphere of the interior.

Want to see the details go to: https://www.saatchiart.com/art-collection/Drawing/Maxwell-Giermak/153961/153101/view

Examples from the DUENDE series

A series of charcoal drawings entitled Duende. In the dictionary, the word is listed as “elf” or “magic”. However, in actual practice, when the word shows up in text it is rarely in the context of a woodland spirit, although that is where the word`s etymology begins.

In 1933 Spanish poet and theater director Federico Garcia Lorca gave a lecture in Buenos Aires titled “Play and Theory of the Duende” in which he addressed the fiery spirit behind what makes great performance stir the emotions: “The duende, then, is a power, not a work. It is a struggle, not a thought. . . . it is not a question of ability, but of true, living style, of blood, of the most ancient culture, of spontaneous creation.”


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b. 1964 in Poland, lives in Germany and UK.
Slightly stained by education in Gdansk and Vienna in the field of interior design and architecture, he decided to return to what is worth loving: self-taught in painting, graphics and sculpture. He started his artistic career with fashion design and theater scenography. "The places I live have a huge impact on my work," he has said. "London is the place where my drawings are made, during many trips to other places I make sketches for subsequent works, a studio in Germany is the right place to work hard at creating paintings and sculptures."


Giermak's abstract expressionist paintings are characterized by wide, sweeping brush strokes and layering techniques, a vivid palette of colors - clear colors create both drama and depth on the canvas.


Eryk Giermak is best known for his charcoal drawings made in the "one stroke" technique, without unnecessary shading and overlapping. A drawing is like a handwriting made up of the characters of the alphabet invented by the artist. It is something that is affordable. Collecting drawings does not require much space, their decorativeness is unpretentious.


For over three decades, he has been immersed in the digital world, designs websites and is fluent in graphic programs. Recently, he was maximally focused on the project of tokenization of works of art for introduction to public trading.


For many years he has been involved in the creation of private art collections as an investment portfolio. Convinced that the art has long been considered a "passion investment", which offers not only aesthetic use, but also potential economic benefits.


The artist, whose works have been at many exhibitions, built an international collector's base during his thirty years of artistic practice. Influenced by many journeys and the resulting recognition of cultural differences, his abstract works contain threads of imaginary languages and hidden meanings. He often works in relation to poetry, literature and philosophy.

the face of a man Eryk Giermak the artist