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In response ASAP, you will receive an uncomplicated contract to fill out regarding our participation in the resale of your property (an original work of art by Eryk Giermak). Please remember: Your application does not give you any right to make any financial claims against us.


We only accept applications for resale of works of art by Eryk Giermak. Please do not submit entries for other artists under any circumstances! Thank you for understanding.

The visibility of individual works of art translates into their price. This is simple truth and the greatest cost-effectiveness factor. Until now, the artist and galleries work together to gain popularity. What about collectors? Especially if you are not a big player in this field. Finally, something depends on you. How profitable your investment is depends on how much attention you pay to social media. The number of posts with photos of works of art that you own will affect the future price. Create your own photos in the place where the artwork is displayed, use the link to the author's original page with the specific artwork. Post to YouTube, Facebok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. It really works! Maybe you don't feel so good on social media? It is not important anymore. There are many agencies that offer the right services to promote the works of art in your collection. Times change, never before art collectors have been able to promote their collections on their own. In the past, it took years to gain popularity. For the first time, an author and collector can really work together to promote works of art that will benefit them. The interest of collectors in price increases is greater, we use the strength of the group.
Buying original works of art by Eryk Giermak's means that you always have the right to put them up for sale as pre-loved. Since the item remains in the list as "sold", all you need to do is send an email with instructions to display it as a sale offer. You will receive an email with the contract as soon as possible and the selling process will begin.
Buy and sell in the same place means the entire process is in your hands, as is most of your profits. How many times a work of art is bought and then resold depends on the collector's price increase strategy. As is well known, collectors have many sophisticated ways to increase the selling price. This should be used, of course respecting the law and not exceeding it. For resale, the author is entitled to 5% commission of the gross sales price, and thus also the "Droit de suite" is met.
You decide:
- how often advertise, which way
- when to sell (how many years keep art work before sell)
- about the selling price
- how to collect the payment and how to deliver the goods 
  (we are happy to help)

Art Collectors are waiting for the pre-loved works of art by Eryk Giermak


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