02 January 2021


graphics by Eryk Giermak, NFT ready, profit from art investments

"Fractals are very complex pictures generated by a computer from a single formula. They are created using iterations. This means one formula is repeated with slightly different values over and over again, taking into account the results from the previous iteration."

I have been processing digital images for many years. Collectors seem to be interested in this type of art. My works have found buyers all over the world, let me just mention the Hilton properties in Austin, the Mata H. collection in Berlin, the Zandonella collection in Switzerland and many others. Currently, in the NFT era, fractal images are experiencing a renaissance. My technique is only initially based on computer calculations, then the painting is subject to manual workshop processing - physical works of art are created. Usually the painting is transferred to the canvas, supplemented with pigments and varnished. A work of art developed in this way is digitized. In conjunction with the entire NFT process, we are dealing with an exceptionally original product of human thought.

Fractal graphics in the NFT era



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